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Pride of Bengal (POB)

Q.1. what is Pride of Bengal?

With the changing environment nowadays seniors are facing insecurity regarding their safety and security. They deserve special care and attention after a certain period of time. Thus Bhaskaraditya group has come up with a package of services for the senior most people of our society.

Q.2. Who are we?

Our team of skilled staff are kind and commiserative who are well trained individuals for taking care of the elders. They go through a full range of training, and background checks to make sure that POB delivers the best efficient service possible.

Q.4. what is the age to avail POB’s services?

From or after the age of 60 years, anyone can avail our services.

Q.5. Is the service for one or two?

The service is for everyone in the family who has crossed the age of 60.

Q.6. If one person is already a member of POB, can the other one who is not a member, avail our services?

Yes, in case of emergency only once the membership can be flipped permanently. For example- If the husband is a member, in case of emergency he can flip his membership and make his wife the member or vice versa.

Q.7. Membership can be monthly or on yearly basis?

Membership is given on yearly basis only.

Q.8. for how long does the membership lasts?

Membership charge will be paid once a year to continue with the services of POB.

Q.9. How much is the charge for the membership of POB?

For single person the membership charge is 30,000. If one or more person from the same family wants to become a member within three months, the charge will be 36,000 for both but if after three months then the new member has to pay full amount i.e. 30,000 to avail our services.

Q.11. if already been registered, then does the services comes under the membership amount or for free?

If your caretaker or your son is staying with you, but you want some added service for yourself, don’t you think you should pay for it?? POB will similarly take care of you just like an added family member.